Stand-Alone Parent Consultation

Parents are welcomed to request a consultation session to determine the best course of support for themselves or their child. A central question asked by many parents is, “How can I tell if my child really needs help?” This is an important question that leads to a number of important considerations for treatment planning and parent consultation. In certain cases, it is determined that the parent is indeed the one in the best position to support growth and/or promote change. My role then is to consult on a range of parenting, communication and support/management strategies that can be applied in the home, community or school setting.

Parent Involvement in Children’s Therapy

Parents play a pivotal role in the healing process for children. The interaction between children's problems and their families is complex and it is the counsellor’s role to understand and communicate how parents can be meaningfully involved in the treatment process.

During the initial intake meeting information is shared concerning the counselling process and ideas are provided for introducing your child to therapy. Importantly, your concerns and perspectives are carefully listened to so that counselling activities can be appropriately directed.

Once the counselling process begins there is the need to communicate regularly, by way of phone updates or “check-ins,” at the beginning or end of each session. To monitor progress a stand-alone parent consultation meeting occurs after approximately 5 individual child therapy sessions.